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1. Curriculum Vitae

2. The lifetime achivement of Göran Vilhelm Vikström as an owner of patents and author rights to products and production methods based on his patents and inventions.

I. Patent "Method for optimally working co-generation of electricity and heat and an optimally working district heating power plant."


US 6,536,215 B1   Mar. 25, 2003

11 36 82 FI   May 31, 2004

PCT WO 00/50740   Aug 31, 2000

Factories based on the patent US 6,536,215 B1

Modulherstellung von Kraftwerke

Uusintajulkaisu patentista 113682 FI

The latest release of the patent 11 36 82 FI, US 6,536,215 B1

Die nemeste Verion des Patentes 11 36 82 FI, EP 1 161 617 B1

Den senaste verionen av patentet 11 36 82 FI, EP 1 161 617 B1

II. Ice-free personaltrafic passage

III. Combination Nuclear productionmethod
The authorsright to apply the mentoned method combinated with the process of patent 113682 FI, US 6,536,215 B1 in the whole Europe.

The main novelties:

The Power Plant process is divided into 2 parts, where one part is a conventional nuclear powerplant producing low-worthy saturated steam


the other part using other fuels in order to superheat the saturated steam from the reactor and encrease the temperature level to realise a higher steamparameter, with the possibility for producing of electicity by the principle of co-generation of district heat and also low pressure steam for industial needs.

The partners rights in USA and Japan do not make obstacle in Europe, while no protection has been done on the European market. For the concurents there are at the moment no agreament for using the process of the patent US 6,536,215 B1.

IV. The methods for priming secundary power.

a) The sunoptical exergy primed with sunoptimal exergy and energy and requperated anergy using renewable fules and for burning qualified community waste.

b) Wind power primed with emergiancy standstill peakload engines.

V. Other tecnical authorsrights:

a) Five pictures; corresponding to Patent US.6,536,215 B1

River: Perhojoki / Kaupunginsalmi of Kokkola

River: Perhojoki / Saarukka to Ridankylä

Road: Ice-free personal trafic passage

Saw and Powerplant combination

Animal farm in combination with Power Plant US 6,536,215 B1

b) The authersright to the ideas around the FI 975 458

and here

Uuden säätiön perustamistarkoitus


Produktion av energi och värme med förhöjd bränslets utnyttjingsgrad

3. Development and strategy

Because of the expansive transatlantic transportcosts of heavy power plants, the markets are divided into two main marketareas:

1 The American marketarea with own production in USA


2 The European marketarea with production in Europe, if possible in inventors homeland.

The futher developmentworks and the ideas and products of the privat owned Patent 113682 FI, US 6,536,215 B1 is transferred to the firm BOTHNIAN DEVELOPMENT OY LTD, at the moment alone owned by the inventor Goran Vilhelm Vikstrom, Kulimaentie 6, 67400 Kokkola, Finland, phone +358 44 310 1727

For realising of the developmentworks and the needed factories and for starting the teacing out of the patented novelties the founder of Bothnian Development Oy Ltd is now searching for consorptionpartners in order to realise a pilotpower plant in Finland to a budgetcost of about 15 M euro.

on base of the novelties of the patent US 6,536,215 B1 there would also be an opportunity for persons able to start highschool teaching at the following branches to take contact with us in order to found an insitute or foundation in order to educate the common adventage of inventors work.

The main professorships would be:

1. Thermodynamic including exergy, anergy and anergyrequperations.

2. Burningprocesses including wasteburning and burning of other forms of renewable fuels.

3. Chemistry especially gaschemistry statemodifications from gas to liqued and vice versa included.

4. Agry-chemistry and woodworkingup, paper- and celluloseproduction included.

5. Metallurgy- and weldingtechnics

6. Oscillationstechnics, systembalancing, accustics, silencertechnics, noiseinsulationtechnics a.s.o.

7. Materialqualitytesting and correct welding

8. Material restructorings and glowingsystems

Power plant main component production firms and highschool persons so as investment firms interested have the possibility to contact us at internet homepage www.vikstrom.multi.fi or per post to the address enclosed.

As the first step Bothnian Development Oy LTD is searching consorption partners among the powerplant main component production firms in order to show the functions of the ideas patented.

The following step to give this partnershipgroup the possibility to buy shares in the firms Bothnian Development Oy LTD, Power Plant Completings and Super powering.

When there would be found intressents on the American Marketarea ready to finance the Pilot Powerplant in Finland and about the half of the investmentcosts of the European factories needed,then these partners become the rights for producing of all the same on the patent US 6,536,215 B1 based products on the American Marketarea with the authorsright of the inventor. To these rights are also the rights for application from own factories included.

Bothnian Devlolopment Oy, LTD:n yritysstrategia

4. Non technical authorrights

a) Psykology and philosofy

b) cultural hobbies

- music, compositioris

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